24 Mar

In Search of the Next-Generation Talent in Manufacturing

Maggie Slowik                                
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA
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Talent is a much-talked topic across all industries at the moment, and there is a good reason for it: with baby boomers retiring around the world within the next 5 to 10 years, the global workforce will face a significant loss of skilled and experienced workers. (more…)

21 Mar

Initiating Start-Up coverage in Europe: Introducing YellowDog

Philip Carter
Chief Analyst, Europe

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Margaret Adam
Program Director, IDC’s European Channels and Alliances

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The technology start-up community is a critical element of the digital economy. These new players are constantly looking to push the boundaries using emerging and disruptive technologies. They are also important ‘idea generators’ that constantly challenge the status quo for traditional incumbents (or the digital dinosaurs as they are often called). (more…)

17 Mar

Blockchain: What’s in It for Utilities beyond the Hype

Jean-François Segalotto                                
Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights EMEA
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The intersection of Blockchain and the energy industry looks like a great place to be today. A technology that promises to bring order and automation in a distributed world could be the perfect match for a system (the energy system) and an industry (utilities) that are slowly but relentlessly decentralizing. Almost like a marriage made in heaven.  (more…)

14 Mar

The Security Opportunity through the Channel – Key Trends, Opportunities & Challenges

IDC margaret adam

Margaret Adam                                   
Program Director, IDC’s European Channels and Alliances program
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Customer demand for security remains high and remains a priority for most organizations. The growth of security products and markets has implications for the full ICT stack.  In our opinion, security also represents a prime opportunity for the channel, due to this intrinsic value to customers. (more…)