06 Nov

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Ivano Ortis IDC

Ivano Ortis
Associate VP, IDC Retail Insights & IDC Manufacturing Insights

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Stefanie Naujoks
Senior Research Manager

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Business ecosystems will play a major role in future as manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to be successful on their own. Producing high-quality products or having the most efficient production processes will no longer guarantee sole competitive advantage. Global competition will bring up other manufacturers that can offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, (more…)

25 Oct

Where Will The First Impacts Of Quantum Technology Be Felt In The Banking Industry?

IDC Lawrence Freeborn
Lawrence Freeborn
Research Manager, IDC Financial Insights
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Having written an introduction to Quantum computing a few months back, I plan to examine different parts of the conversation, and how it might relate to financial services in future. Big announcements about quantum keep coming. (more…)

24 Oct

Three Things Keeping Channels and Alliances Leaders Up at Night


Margaret Adam
Program Director,
IDC’s European Channels and Alliances
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Hannah Breeze 
Senior Research Analyst,
IDC’s European Channels and Alliances program

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The IT channel has undergone a huge transformation in the last decade. The emergence of the “as-a-service” model has had a profound impact on the industry as a whole, particularly for channel partners. Many have found that the journey from being resellers of hardware and packaged software to being specialist providers of cloud solutions and associated services is one that is not without its challenges. (more…)

19 Oct

New Realities of Digital Competition in Financial Services

IDC Lawrence Freeborn
Lawrence Freeborn
Research Manager, IDC Financial Insights
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The recent IDC Financial Services Forum 2017 (London) focused on the topic of open financial services. Ushered in by regulations and the new realities of digital competition, the financial services industry has entered the open era. Ecosystems are expanding and new partnerships are being forged, while traditional infrastructures and mindsets are seeking to adapt to new ways of doing business. (more…)