16 Jul

European Oil and Gas Companies Reinventing IT Strategies to Drive Digital Innovation and Build Resilient Business






Gaurav Verma
Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights
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2018 has come as a breath of fresh air for the petroleum industry. Looking back at the dark days of the global oil market between 2014 and 2016, when crude oil prices plunged from $112 to $28 a barrel, oil company executives left no stone unturned in pursuit of survival.

12 Jul

Data Ethics Will be the New Competitive Advantage

Jonas Knudsen
Research Director, IDC Health Insights
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In the past few months Facebook has been caught in a storm of accusations about the way it has managed users’ data. It is not that it has stored and aggregated huge amounts of this data. The issue is how it has used, shared, and managed the data. Data ethics are essential if we are to benefit from the opportunities arising from the likes of artificial intelligence and machine learning, while also acting as a digitally responsible society.

09 Jul

Does A “Cloud First” Strategy Make Sense in Europe?

Carla Arend
Senior Program Director, European Cloud Research
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Deciding on a suitable cloud strategy is a critical first step on a successful cloud journey. Cloud strategy options range from “cloud first” over “cloud also” to “best fit” or “no cloud” and I have observed some interesting developments over the past couple of years. (more…)

05 Jul

Are European enterprises adopting digital customer journey management?

Gerry Brown
Research Director

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Customer journey management is a hot topic in management – particularly within the context of digital transformation and customer experience. Leading enterprises today compete on digital customer experiences. Traditional differentiation on product and price is replaced by end-to-end customer journey experiences designed to delight the customer and build brand loyalty. (more…)