17 Jan

Do You Know How to Make Account Based Marketing Succeed?

IDC Lisa Borthwick

Lisa Borthwick
Go-to-Market specialist, European Custom Solutions

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IDC predicts that by 2020, 1 in 5 marketers will abandon the traditional funnel for a buyer-centric approach. The funnel belongs to the 20th century.  Back then, buyers were ignorant about their choices and sellers knew little about the needs and preferences of their prospective customers.  (more…)

10 Jan

How is the European IT Market going a year and a half after Brexit Referendum?

Andrea Siviero
Research Manager, European Industry Solutions

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Carla La Croce
Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions

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Seizing the opportunity of our IDC European 2018 FutureScape presentation, we recently published an European IT Market Update that looks at the IT Spending Forecast evolution in 2017, focusing on the  British IT Market outlook when a year and a half has passed since the Brexit referendum. (more…)

20 Dec

Digital Transformation: Where European Manufacturing is Today, and the Challenges it Will Have to Master? Key Takeaways From the IDC Manufacturing Summit 2017

Stefani Naujoks
Senior Research Manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights
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Maggie Slowik
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights
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Lorenzo Veronesi
Research Manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights
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The 5th edition of the IDC Pan-European Manufacturing Summit took place in Dublin this year. Themed “Win Fast, Scale Fact, Innovate Big,” the two-day event set out to measure the pulse of digital transformation in European manufacturing.

18 Dec

IoT platforms in healthcare – A journey from a digital era to an intelligent era




Adriana Allocato

Senior Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights

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European healthcare providers have a good understanding of what the Internet of Things (IoT) is. Whether used to tracking patients’ vitals remotely or to monitoring home medication dispensers, IoT solutions are countless in healthcare. Intelligent sensors are deployed on a smart space to gather real time data. This data can be aggregated, stored and correlated to infer new information faster and more accurately – Which ultimately will be an important driver of health care digital transformation.