21 May

The Final Countdown for Drug Traceability in Europe: Are You Ready?

Nino Giguashvili
Senior Research Analyst
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This next couple of years will be an incredibly busy time for drug manufacturers and wholesalers supplying pharmaceutical products to European markets. With the deadlines for meeting the EU’s new requirements for drug traceability and data exchange standards around the corner, European pharma companies need to address compliance issues more vigorously than ever before — and soon.   (more…)

16 May

BT Consumer: The Big Theme is Convergence

John Delaney

John Delaney                                      
Associate VP European Mobility, IDC
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Today BT’s recently formed Consumer Division, headed by Marc Allera, announced the theme of its network and service developments for the coming five years: convergence. Moving from its currently separate fixed-line and mobile networks, (more…)

14 May

“Would You Take the Red Pill or The Blue Pill?”: A Look at The Core of The Augmented and Virtual Reality

Giulia Carosella
Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions, IDC
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AR/VR is a disruptive technology that has the potential to truly change and empower the way in which humans interact with their surrounding environment. There is a lot of buzz around AR/VR, understanding is now widespread across Western Europe, with 99% of companies having already heard of AR/VR, as confirmed by the IDC European Vertical Markets Survey 2017. (more…)

10 May

Cloud is Not the Ultimate Objective — Hospitals Will Only Adopt if it Makes Sense

IDC Jonas Knudsen





Jonas Knudsen
Research Director, Health Insights
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I have had several conversations with hospital CIOs on cloud adoption in the past three months. I needed help in analyzing our IDC survey data on cloud in healthcare, as the data showed a very low adoption rate compared with the industry average. The question was, why is that? (more…)