06 Oct

Salesforce launches Einstein, is this relevant for Omni-channel Retail profitability?

Ivano Ortis IDC

Ivano Ortis
Associate Vice President, IDC Retail Insights & IDC Manufacturing Insights

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Andrea Sangalli IDC

Andrea Sangalli
Associate Research Director, IDC Retail Insights

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Giulio Raffaele
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights

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On September 19th Salesforce has announced the launch of Salesforce Einstein, its proprietary AI suite dedicated to CRM. This follows a string of acquisitions for the company’s SalesforceIQ unit including RelateIQ in 2014, Tempo AI in 2015, and PredictionIO earlier 2016, to arrive at MetaMind (an image analytics and machine learning startup) in April 2016. (more…)

03 Oct

Streaming Analytics: Emerging from its Niche, Thanks to IoT

Philip Carnelley IDC

Philip Carnelley
Research Director, European Software Group

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Big Data is not just about large data volumes. In some cases, Big Data also brings issues of velocity – the speed at which data is generated and must be dealt with: whether to store it: where to store it: and whether to modify before storage. (more…)

28 Sep

How an increase in Hospital Operations Management may reduce patient induced cancellations

IDC Jonas Knudsen

Jonas Knudsen                                
Research Director, Health Insights
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Capacity planning while making sure the patient attend the scheduled appointment could be the low hanging fruit to improve efficiency, increase productivity and patient satisfaction.

The healthcare system in most countries is under tremendous stress. (more…)

22 Sep

It’s Time To Change The Way You Market To Your Customers and Prospects

IDC Lisa Borthwick

Lisa Borthwick
Go-to-Market specialist, European Custom Solutions

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The traditional Marketing Funnel is over 117 years old, so it’s no surprise that marketers are starting to take a look at their marketing strategies and how to improve the way they reach their customers. It’s time to turn the funnel on its head and look at a new way of marketing which takes customer experience head on. (more…)