15 Aug

The perfect storm is brewing in the European cloud market


IDC Carla Arend

Carla Arend
Senior Program Director
European Software
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IDC margaret adam

Margaret Adam  
Senior Program Director
IDC’s European Channels and Alliances program
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Common wisdom says that in Europe partners play a key role in accelerating the cloud journeys of their customers. However, IDC’s recent research shows that the majority of partners are lagging significantly behind their customers in terms of cloud maturity and that they do not expect to have caught up in two years’ time. Putting that in context with complimentary research that shows that partners are keen to hire cloud technical and sales skills but that they are very hard to get in Europe, we have a perfect storm brewing, as cloud providers, partners and customers are competing for the same talent pool. (more…)

13 Aug

AI and Chatbots herald new vibrancy and market entrants into the Contact Center market

Gerry Brown
Research Director

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For the last 2-3 years, the European Contact Center market has been somewhat unexciting. Dominated by a small number of traditional contact center vendors such as Genesys and Verint, technology innovation has been largely incremental rather than breakthrough.


30 Jul

3D printing: beyond prototyping, moving to production

Gabriele Roberti                                  
Research Manager, IDC
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Julio Vial
Research Manager,  IDC
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In the 3D printing world, there is a good chance 2018 will be recalled as the year when scientists and researchers were first able to 3D print an artificial cornea using human cells. Although it is only a first step, this will one day help many people with cornea injuries to see again.

24 Jul

Wanted: A Digital Toolbox for Manufacturing






Maggie Slowik
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights
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Today, discrete manufacturing might be undergoing the biggest transformation ever. Not only does the sector need to stay focused on traditional objectives, such as increasing uptime and throughput in the plant, and managing costs, but it must also create and offer more integrated products and services. Connected products are affecting many industries today, to a point where industry leaders that haven’t thought about this are being disrupted by competitors who are digitally-enabled. This implies that manufacturers need to become more focused on data management, as this is the area where most value-add is going to be. (more…)