09 Nov

What’s most important to global oil and gas executives when rolling out enterprisewide DX road maps?






Gaurav Verma
Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights
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Digital transformation (DX) initiatives lie at the heart of the corporate strategy of most oil and gas (O&G) companies. DX has become an integral part of companies’ enterprise strategy. In my previous blog — European Oil and Gas Companies Reinventing IT Strategies to Drive Digital Innovation and Build Resilient Business — I discussed the emerging trend of O&G companies appointing dedicated chief digital officers (CDOs) or DX executive board members. (more…)

05 Nov

The Impact of Ruggedized Devices on the Future of Work

IDC Francisco Jeronimo

Francisco Jeronimo 
Senior Research Director, European Consumer Wireless 
and Mobile Communications, IDC EMEA
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marta pinto-idc

Marta Pinto  
Senior Research Analyst
IDC’s European Mobile Devices
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Mobility is pivotal for most companies to embrace a digital transformation strategy, as it helps to increase productivity and engage with customers in innovative ways. Mobile devices continue to improve and gain attention among more industries and businesses. Improvements in device performance have made mobile productivity more efficient, and therefore the workforce more effective. Enterprises have been increasing the number of mobile workers, but the priority has been on providing mobile devices to office-based mobile workers (mobile professionals and knowledge workers), according to the results of IDC’s European Enterprise Mobility Survey, published in June 2018. But this is changing — in the next 12 months, enterprises in Europe will prioritize spending on mobile devices for non-office-based workers (field force, task-based workers).


01 Nov

AWE 2018: AR finding its place in the enterprise space

Giulia Carosella
Research Analyst
European Industry Solutions, Customer Insights & Analysis
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Francisco Almeida  
Senior Research Analyst
IDC’s European Mobile Devices
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We had the opportunity to attend the Augmented World Expo (AWE) Europe 2018 held in Munich on Oct 18 and 19. During the 2 days expo we took the chance to meet players and young startups active in the ARVR space having insightful conversations with technology providers to understand their roadmap and try their devices and listen to major announcements and interesting speakers. We were involved in the event and had the pleasure to moderate the Energy panel. The key takeaways from the event are summarized below.


09 Oct

Key trends identified by High-Growth Cloud Scale-Ups and StartUps in Europe

IDC Carla Arend

Carla Arend
Senior Program Director
European Software
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IDC margaret adam

Margaret Adam  
Senior Program Director
IDC’s European Channels and Alliances program
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Adriana Allocato  
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights
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On the 5th of September, a group of 13 executives from high-growth, innovative cloud companies in Europe identified the most disruptive trend in their business as the shift to everything as software.

The mix of founders, co-founders, CEOs, and VPs are members of IDC’s Cloud Research Innovation Council (RIC). IDC is currently running four Research Innovation Councils (AI, Security, Blockchain and Cloud) that have each created a community of leading IDC analysts and business leaders that cut across emerging and established companies. The RICs provide a professional framework that offers an ideal setting for an open discussion.