26 Apr

GDPR Countdown I: Why marketers should pay attention

Duncan Brown
Research Director, European Security Practice
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You surely know by now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced in just over a year’s time. Companies of all sizes and industries – and countries – will have to introduce a significant tranche of new business processes, and technologies to support these processes. While there remains considerable uncertainty over the exact approach to compliance one thing is clear:

06 Apr

Strong growth ahead – Systems management software is critical for digital transformation, hybrid and multi-cloud success

IDC Carla Arend

Carla Arend
Program Director, European Software

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Michael Ceroici
Research Analyst, European Datacenter Group

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Systems management software (SMS) is a vibrant market growing in importance. European organizations are building modern IT infrastructures to support their digital transformation initiatives, and cloud service usage is becoming mainstream and needs to be managed well. (more…)