18 Oct

5G in Europe: Timeline for Availability

John Delaney

John Delaney                                      
Associate VP European Mobility, IDC
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IDC is about to publish its first forecasts for 5G mobile services in Europe, in our Telecoms Services Database and in our subscription program EMEA Telco 2025: Services Transformation. In this article, we briefly set out our view of the timeline for availability of 5G in Europe, upon which we have based the scenario for our 5G forecasts. (more…)

16 Oct

Patient Centricity Is Also Vital In Health IT

IDC Jonas Knudsen






Jonas Knudsen
Research Director, Health Insights
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7 years ago, I received a terrible phone call. It was from the manager of our hospital adverse events unit. I was CIO and responsible for IT to 10.000 people at a University hospital. He told me a little boy of 7 passed away due to IT malfunctioning and some other related events. The integration between our legacy Electronic healthcare record and our new application was broken, so the doctors thought there was no prior information on the boy (more…)

09 Oct

Welcome To The Retail Singularity: Time For A Platform And A Framework To Grow Omni-Channel Profitability And Innovate In The Next Decade

Ivano Ortis IDC

Ivano Ortis
Associate VP, IDC Retail Insights & IDC Manufacturing Insights

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Giulio Raffaele
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights

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Innovation in retail is at an all-time high, as witnessed by over $17 B spent in ecommerce M&A over the past 12 months. Retail industry has transitioned to a phase that can be defined as the retail singularity, in which retailers are facing completely new market dynamics, constantly rising consumer expectations and disruptive competition. Just think about the opportunities that IoT commerce will bring to the market, threatening, at the same time, traditional direct revenue streams. (more…)

05 Oct

BT and Facebook launch UK Centre for start-ups to get involved in developing telco infrastructure

John Delaney

John Delaney                                      
Associate VP European Mobility, IDC
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Last week BT and Facebook jointly hosted a launch event at BT Tower for the UK’s TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centre (TEAC). TIP (the Telecom Infra Project), launched by Facebook at Mobile World Congress 2016, and with most of the world’s major telcos now included as members, is an initiative aimed at developing new, disaggregated approaches to building telecoms infrastructure. From Facebook’s perspective, the aim of TIP is to enable the currently unconnected part of the world’s population to access internet services, by making it cheaper and quicker to provide them with connectivity. (more…)