25 Sep

Augmenting or Substituting? How the Workforce Should Tackle the Fear of AI


Maggie Slowik                                                      Erica Spinoni                                                           

Senior Research Analyst                                Summer 2018 Associate, IDC
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is spreading around the world, and not only as a buzzword and conversation starter. AI is now a real technology — not only on the shop floor, but in everyday life.

Many people are using the term AI, but there are still concerns about the concept. What exactly is AI, and how will it change our working lives? Simply put, AI is a technology that can understand external conditions and automatically react to those situations. But it is more than that — it can learn from past events and adjust responses to new challenges while continuously improving its embedded knowledge. For this reason, we believe that AI, which has fascinated humankind for generations (the first film about AI and robotics dates back to 1927), can improve workers’ experience in manufacturing plants. AI-embedded co-bots, for example — robots that can work shoulder-to-shoulder with factory workers — enable workers to perform tasks in a safer environment. (more…)

20 Sep

6 Reasons Why Blockchain Will Follow a Unique Adoption in Europe

Carla La Croce
Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions

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Here we are! Blockchain is the 2018 keyword! We described a lot what is it and which are the disruptive features of this technology. And we know that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have a global nature, as their main objective is to facilitate the exchange of digital and physical assets among third parties. Nonetheless, the collaborative approach, data privacy rules, and the vibrant start-up ecosystems are poised to shape the blockchain space in Europe and make it much different from other regions. (more…)

12 Sep
content marketing

Content Marketing Approval Processes are a ‘double-whammy’ for some European Marketers

Gerry Brown
Research Director

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There is a lot of talk in the media about the importance of content marketing, but little attention is paid to the underlying challenges that hinder its effective execution. For a better understanding of content marketing issues, IDC ran a survey of 300 enterprise marketers across 11 European countries in April 2018 with some very interesting results.


29 Aug

Attitudes towards cloud security are changing: Key points to consider


IDC Carla Arend

Carla Arend
Senior Program Director
European Software
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Security has been cited as the biggest obstacle to cloud adoption for as long as I can remember, and indeed in our latest European cloud survey, 42% of organizations mention security as their biggest concern regarding public cloud, followed by regulatory compliance issues. That number has dropped significantly from over 60% a few years ago, but shows that organizations are struggling to get it right and cannot accelerate their cloud journeys before they have added cloud into their security and governance frameworks.