22 Feb

Unified Threat Management Solutions to remain European Kings of the appliances for the foreseeable future

IDC Romain Fouchereau

Romain Fouchereau                                
Manager, Security Appliance Program, European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions
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IDC published a full forecast for the Western European security appliance market last month (take a look on my page of the IDC website here), and here is a deep-dive looking specifically at the UTM appliance market. (more…)

17 Feb

How Efficient Are Government IT Investments?

Jan Alexa                                  
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Government Insights
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The efficiency of governmental investment is being scrutinised worldwide. We live at a time when taxpayers increasingly demand transparency and concrete results to ensure that the money they pay is used for their benefit. However, the efficiency (and the related concept of effectiveness) are notoriously hard to assess. (more…)

14 Feb

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection is Dead – So What’s Next?

IDCUKI Dominic Trott

Dominic Trott                                    
Research Manager, European Security
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Whisper it, but an announcement on the 8th of February 2017 may just mark the beginning of the end for the current level of hype surrounding ‘next-generation’ endpoint protection. Slipped into Microsoft’s pre-RSA security strategy announcement, it emerged that Windows Defender will be re-branded as Windows Defender AV. (more…)

09 Feb

2017: The Year of AI, Everywhere

Philip Carnelley IDC

Philip Carnelley
Research Director, European Software Group

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In 2016, artificial intelligence (AI) celebrated 60 years since it was first recognized as an academic discipline of computing science. For most of that 60 years, AI has remained a fascinating topic, but nothing that ‘real IT’ needed to worry about. (more…)