19 Apr

5G Spectrum Auction in The UK: Value Shifts From Coverage To Capacity

John Delaney

John Delaney                                      
Associate VP European Mobility, IDC
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On 5 April, UK regulator Ofcom announced the outcome of the UK’s first auction of 5G spectrum (3.4GHz), as well as additional spectrum for 4G (2.3GHz). The total amount of money raised was £1,355.7 million, significantly more than generally expected, and all new licences were won by the UK’s four existing mobile operators. (more…)

18 Apr

Shadow IT: The Rising Voice of Business Managers

Andrea Minonne     

Research Analyst, IDC
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The rise of the shadow IT is revolutionizing and disrupting how companies make technology investments. Business managers are raising their voice and more often are claiming control over IT budgets. The shadow IT is gaining ground across all European industries, as business units more often fund technology investments using their own budgets, bypassing approvals from IT departments. (more…)

15 Apr

You Must Decide What State of the Art Means to Your Organization!

Martin Whitworth
Research Director, European Data Security & Privacy at IDC
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The GDPR concept of ‘state of the art’ (SotA) continues to cause confusion for many – and I’m afraid that even though SotA is used throughout the GDPR (and the Network and Information Security directive), nowhere is it defined – waiting for definitive guidance is not going to be fruitful. (more…)

10 Apr

Digital Transformation: which role will European Industries play?

Andrea Minonne
Research Analyst, IDC
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Gabriele Roberti                                                                           
Research Manager, IDC
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Thomas Vavra
Associate Vice President, Software, CEMA
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Digital transformation is a journey that many companies in Europe are still struggling with. Even if Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and Analytics and Social are already well-known, it’s a matter of fact that the adoption and use of these technologies vary among different vertical industries and company sizes. Vendors should look at these differences when drawing their go-to-market strategies. (more…)