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holiday season shopping goes virtual

Holiday Season Shopping Goes Virtual

Retailers have been getting ready for the online shopping spree expected for the holiday season, even with virtual shopping stores.

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IDC diversity and inclusion in the it workforce

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the IT Workforce

For more than two decades, the IT sector has been struggling to solve the conundrum of attracting more females into the IT profession.

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Winning Retail’s Next Normal: Key Insights from the IDC European Retail Executive Digital Forum 2020

Find out the key insights from our IDC European Retail Executive Digital Forum 2020: The future of customer experience, fulfilment and inventory management and the new role of the physical store

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ERP in business ecosystems

What is the Future Role of ERP in Digital Business Ecosystems?

The role of ERP in future business ecosystems will have to accommodate some additional requirements.

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Women in Tech: Supporting Women During COVID-19

Lockdowns triggered by the pandemic are taking a disproportionate toll on women in the labor market. How can we attract more women into tech?

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Apple Watch Series 6 Review: A Wake-Up Call to Measure your Sleep, But is It Worth it?

Straight to the market starting from £379/$399 to £1449/$1499, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the most advanced Apple Watch yet, but is it the best?

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