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4 Ways to Win Customer Loyalty in Retail

Transparency, word-of-mouth, customer experience, and in-store initiatives are the strategies you need to win customer loyalty in retail.

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Sharing Data in Manufacturing Ecosystems — It’s All About Trust!

By sharing and exchanging data in an ecosystem, manufacturers can realise even greater product quality and customer experiences.

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iPhone 12 Pro Billboard New York City

The Impact of the Success of the iPhone 12 on European 5G

A rule of thumb for mobile operators in Europe for 2021: if you want to know where to market 5G services, just follow the sales of the iPhone 12.

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SAP RISE Smooths the Path to S/4HANA, but Customers Will Still Question Making the Migration Journey

Only 48% of SAP customers were considering migrating to S/4HANA. Concerns lean more towards the migration journey than the long-term value of S4/HANA as a future ERP platform

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Videoconferencing Should Focus on Professional Personas

Videoconferencing is missing something: incorporating the concept of professional personas into the solutions.

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Porsche Shifts Gears, Exploits Real-time Data with Streamzilla

Porsche is moving Streamzilla entirely onto open-source technology in the cloud, for cost, scalability, and accessibility reasons to exploit real-time data

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