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5G healthcare

How 5G Will Impact Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse into how 5G networks can help the healthcare industry better deliver information and care.

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SARS-COV-2 pcr diagnostics kit. Epidemiologist in protective suit, mask and glasses works with patient swabs to detect specific region of 2019-nCoV virus causing Covid-19 viral pneumonia.

How Life Sciences Must Digitally Reinvent to Deal with COVID-19

How can European life sciences organizations fast-track efforts to survive during the COVID-19 crisis and adapt to the new normal in the post-pandemic era?

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4 Critical Success Factors for Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Environmental sustainability goals have driven cities digital innovation since the early days of smart cities programs, but resilience is now a priority.

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Assessing Where to Play and How to Win in 5G

5G capabilities can enable hundreds of exciting new use cases across a range of industries, as well as vastly improving existing consumer applications.

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IDC-Augmented Humanity-Enabling Value of Technology

Augmented Humanity: The Enabling Value of Technology in Today’s Society

The augmented-humanity concept can be split into the "3Es" — enable, enhance and experience — with this post focusing on the "enable" pillar.

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5G in Europe

The Challenge for Chinese Brands in European 5G

5G does not currently look as if it will produce more big new players in China, but it offers the opportunity to push their global expansion into Europe.

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