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Global epidemics and economic impact

COVID-19 and its Impact on the Banking Industry

European central banks have little ammunition with which to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments will soon be forced to balance the health of their citizens with economic stability and their own debt.

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COVID-19 impact on the European cloud market

COVID-19 Impact on the European Cloud Market – Time to Shine for Cloud?!

While there is a significant impact on the European cloud market, it is potentially positive! Now is the time to shine for cloud providers.

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Group of people wearing medical masks. Coronavirus epidemic and pandemic concept. Crowd of people planning themselves from viral or bacteriological infection. Contagion hazard. Prevention

COVID-19: 10 Traits for Government and Healthcare System Resilience

Governments and healthcare systems are being tested. COVID-19 is a threat for every country, but the outcomes are likely to be different around the world both in terms of health and national economies.

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Value of data

The Value of Data: A Policymaker Perspective

Data is not the new oil, but it has value. But what can European policymakers do to realise that value?

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Coronavirus and Manufacturing

How the Coronavirus Outbreak Is Impacting the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing will be among the industries to be most negatively affected by the evolving humanitarian crisis caused by COVID-19.

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3 Initiatives That Will Reshape The European Cloud Market In The 2020s

The cloud market is rapidly maturing, with 67% of organisations using multiple cloud services. Find out the 3 initiatives that will shape the cloud market.

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