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IDC-Inventory Management-Commerce Everywhere

Gear Up Inventory Management for Commerce Everywhere

In a commerce everywhere environment, where the interaction with the shopper occurs through many touchpoints, avoiding out-of-stock issues is easier said than done. The way to go is for retailers to ramp up their inventory management game.

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Ecosystem business models

The Convergence of Technology and Business Ecosystems

When we talk about ecosystem business models, we're talking about business models where relationships between interdependent organisations are purposefully established to create business value.

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Securing IoT/OT Is Top Priority for European Security Professionals

The convergence of IT and OT (and incidentally industrial IoT) has been accelerated by digital transformation.

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Workplace Efficiency – Having the Right Skills at the Right Time

Skills are one of the most valuable assets in the world. On average, we spend 16 of our first 25 years in intense training to acquire the most basic skills to be worth a salary, or to be worthy of building a company.

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Real-time Customer Experience Opportunities in Retail

Customer experience personalisation remains a top C-level priority for retailers that aim to innovate their business models over the next five years.

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Returning to Work: Top 5 Future of Work Initiatives

Besides unemployment, the nature and shape of jobs is changing. In this blog, we explore the Future of Work and the transformative changes in the workplace.

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