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Women in Tech: Supporting Women During COVID-19

Lockdowns triggered by the pandemic are taking a disproportionate toll on women in the labor market. How can we attract more women into tech?

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Apple Watch Series 6 Review: A Wake-Up Call to Measure your Sleep, But is It Worth it?

Straight to the market starting from £379/$399 to £1449/$1499, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the most advanced Apple Watch yet, but is it the best?

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5G in manufacturing

Why Manufacturers Need 5G for the Next Normal

5G connectivity will play a particularly important role in enabling the next normal in manufacturing, as it has unique capabilities that enable manufacturers to use data.

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COO role

The New Role of the COO in Manufacturing Organizations

IDC recognizes several key trends that have driven the changing COO role during the past six months. Read about them here.

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How eMobility Is Reshaping the European Utility Industry

If the European utility industry embraces emobility as part of their broader transformation, they will increase their chance of success.

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Digital transformation in life sciences

All You Need to Know about Digital Transformation in European Life Sciences

There are 5 key dimensions to achieve excellence in Digital Transformation and to become an intelligent life sciences enterprise.

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