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Gaming in Lockdown: Good for Cloud?

Cloud gaming has benefited from lockdowns providing an opportunity to demonstrate its key value proposition

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Collaboration in Automotive Industrial Innovation is Picking up

The automotive industry has been the forerunner for a while in terms of collaboration, given the potential arising from connected car concepts.

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3D printer during work

How Sustainable Is 3D Printing in Reality?

Is 3D printing more sustainable than traditional manufacturing methods? Take a look at how 3D printing affects people and the environment.

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hospital care covid-19

Reinventing Hospital Care During COVID-19

Hospitals have been challenged to the limit by COVID-19, and have been forced to change everything. Read about their challenges and our recommendations

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Digital Twins and Digital Threads: The Innovative Way to Track Product Life Cycles

Digital twins are virtual models which allows to visualize data flows and provide collaboration across engineering, operations, supply chains, and servicing.

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Digitization: Leading Games Into a Digital World

Digitization is a good way to provide content to the consumer. Within gaming, this means no physical disks, direct updates, procedural generation, and data processing.

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