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7 Key Takeaways From NRF 2020: Blurring the Lines in Retail Innovation

Every year, IDC participates at the Annual Retail Big Show & EXPO, organized by the National Retail Federation (NRF) that sets the scene of retail for the following 12 months and beyond.

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Blockchain in Smart Cities

Blockchain in Smart Cities: A Reality Check

Cities are the centre of attention of the 21st century. Most of the global population lives in cities, and they are the fulcrum of economic and social innovation.

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Public Service for Citizen-Centric

The New ETHIC of the Citizen-Centric Public Services

In the real world, public service officials must balance the quality of services with often limited budgets, legacy processes and systems, and skill gaps. Investing in digital technology can speed up the modernization of public services, but that alone it is not enough.

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Cloud in Europe-2020-IDC

5 Top Trends Influencing Cloud in Europe in 2020

I love our annual research planning meetings, and especially so if it is the start of a new era — the 2020s — and about a technology that has triggered the fourth industrial revolution — Cloud!

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5G mobile internet telecommunication network with high speed wireless data connection technology for smartphones and IoT. Fifth generation system deployment concept with Earth viewed from space

The 5G Push to Free Satellite Spectrum

The mobile world is pushing hard in the US, and potentially globally, to take spectrum from the satellite industry, which is under pressure as linear TV gives way to video streaming.

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European DevOps Trends

Top 3 European DevOps Trends to watch in 2020

Recently, we have had several discussions on what DevOps will mean in the next decade, particularly for European organizations.

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