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Urban logistics

Transformation of Urban Logistics in Smart Cities

Urban logistics are being transformed by bringing together city transport planners, logistics operators, and users of delivery services to apply digital technologies to grow the city economy, while making logistics services sustainable.

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Hyperscalers War

Google Cloud’s Position in the Hyperscalers War — The CEO’s Perspective

Hyperscale public cloud platforms are the main enabler for hyper-agile app development and deployment. According to IDC's research, hyperscale public cloud platforms could potentially accelerate organisations' ability to speed up digital innovation at 50–100 times the frequency of traditional approaches.

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The Rising Role of Tech Carbon Emissions in Climate Change

The IT industry hasn't been a major target of climate campaigners, and there are lots of good reasons why — its major players are poster children for carbon neutrality.

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Phone Weakness Threatens Japan 5G

July's Olympic Games would seem the ideal time for Japan to launch 5G services, even if it would be over a year after the technology went commercial in South Korea.

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COP25 The role of technology in climate change

COP25: The role of technology in Climate Change

I was honored to take part in the COP25 Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019, a COP25 official event that runs in parallel to the mainstream sessions.

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Top 10 Mobile Predictions for the Beginning of a New Decade

Mobile technology changed our lives for good in the past decade. Smartphones became the most successful consumer electronics of all times, and as they brought the internet to our hands, new services emerged.

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