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5G in Oil and Gas — A Key Enabler of Future Digital Oilfield Operations

Uncertainty still reigns when it comes to 5G adoption plans in the oil and gas (O&G) industry. However, it is already clear that for O&G players 5G will become a real competitive advantage in the not too distant future.

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Will the Rise of Games-as-a-Service Lead to Longer Game Lifecycles?

The expansion of the games-as-a-service model is happening, but it isn't the harbinger of death for traditional games development and publication, or for annual lifecycles of games.

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The Two Forces Driving Down IT Services Deal Sizes

In recent years the average size of services deals signed has been falling. This has been driven by changes at both ends of the deal size spectrum

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Beyond NVIDIA — The Fast-Changing Specialized AI Compute Hardware Market

NVIDIA is the best-known innovator in the AI compute hardware market; its graphical processor units are today used to accelerate both training and inferencing of the deep learning systems.

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Recession-Beating IT — Time for Managed Cloud Service Providers to Shine?

The overall market may look a little bleak, but if you zoom in opportunities do present themselves. Managed cloud service providers can still look ahead with some optimism.

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IDC-Leverage Technology-Road to Recovery

The Role of Technology in Rebuilding European Business

IDC's vision of the "future enterprise" is an organization that is completely digitally transformed. Such an organization underpins business processes with technology, is fueled by innovation, and is platform-enabled and ecosystem-centric.

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