17 Jan

Phone Weakness Threatens Japan 5G

July’s Olympic Games would seem the ideal time for Japan to launch 5G services, even if it would be over a year after the technology went commercial in South Korea.

06 Dec

5G Spectrum for Private Networks: The Barbarians at the Gates?

5G spectrum is no longer the sole preserve of mobile operators in Europe. Earlier this week, the German industrial giant Siemens announced its intention to apply for a spectrum license in the 3.4–3.8GHz band that has been allocated to 5G mobile networks. This follows a similar announcement in November from another German industrial giant, Bosch. […]

20 Nov

China’s 5G Challenge: Mid-Priced Phones

China launched 5G services at the beginning of November. To establish a mass market, Chinese Android vendors need to bring prices down fast; to achieve that, prices will need to fall to less than half that of the first 5G models in South Korea, the early 5G market leader.