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19 Jul

Smartphone Shipment Growth Will Be in Emerging Markets, but Won’t Add Much Value

Simon BakerProgram Director, Mobile Phones, EMEARead full bio Globally the smartphone market is no longer expanding. IDC forecasts an increase of just 1.8% in units to 2023, with volumes rising over the 1.5 billion unit threshold annually after a dip this year. Where does that leave emerging markets, which for many years were a motor […]

11 Jun

Computex 2019: The Future of the PC and the Implications for the Market

Kevin SolomonResearch Analyst Read full bio @k_solomon1 In recent years global PC market growth has been relatively dormant and Computex 2019 provided vendors with the opportunity to showcase their innovations in an attempt to resuscitate a tepid market. Anticipation for Computex 2019 was evident in the record number of attendees at the event — the […]

06 Jun

South Korea Sees Rapid Start to 5G

Simon BakerProgram Director, Mobile Phones, EMEARead full bio 5G has taken off fast in South Korea, with a reported 600,000 subscribers in the first 50 days. Subsidies of a third or more primed the smartphone market, giving Samsung and LG the head start that should serve them well in the U.S., which launched 5G at […]

28 May

How will 5G impact the IoT market?

John GoleResearch Director, IoT PracticeRead full bio @johngole With 5G networks and phones finally launching, much of the industry is pointing toward the Internet of Things as the field that will benefit the most. Indeed, 5G will transform IoT. However, the ways it will do so are complex, the transformation will be slow, and the […]