28 Jan

A robot-free zone

Neil Ward-DuttonVice President, AI and DX European Research PracticesRead full bio It seems like everywhere I turn online, I see commentary and punditry about AI. And most of the time I encounter it, it’s accompanied by a picture of a white robot touching a screen, shaking hands with a human, sitting in the pose of […]

16 Nov

Will 2019 Be the Year of Ethical AI?

Philip Carnelley AVP, European Software Group Read full bio  @Pcarnelley Microsoft held its Future Decoded user conference in London on November 1, attended by an estimated 15,000 customers, partners, and other stakeholders. In the words of Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose, this large industry get-together was “all about AI.”

11 Nov

And the Future of Marketing is . . . an awful lot about Tech, especially AI

        Gerry Brown CX Research Director Read full bio  @gerrybrown First and second place categories in IDC’s new 2019 Top 10 Worldwide CMO Predictions go to (i) AI with 4 predictions and (ii) privacy, trust and compliance with 3 predictions. The remaining 3 predictions refer to advertising and Blockchain, new marketing organisation […]