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05 Mar

Why is Sound Recognition a Key Strategic Technology for Artificial Intelligence

Francisco Jeronimo Research Director, European Consumer Wireless and Mobile Communications Read full bio  @fjeronimo The adoption of smart home devices is expanding steadily. Consumers are starting to understand the benefits of using smart speakers to play music or ask trivia questions, to use connected cameras to monitor their homes, or smart heating and smart lightning […]

09 Oct

Welcome To The Retail Singularity: Time For A Platform And A Framework To Grow Omni-Channel Profitability And Innovate In The Next Decade

Ivano Ortis Associate VP, IDC Retail Insights & IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio  @ivanoortis Giulio Raffaele Senior Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights Read full bio  @GiulioIdc Innovation in retail is at an all-time high, as witnessed by over $17 B spent in ecommerce M&A over the past 12 months. Retail industry has transitioned to a […]

31 Jul

Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence systems hold the power to transform insurance industry for good

Sabitha Majukumar Senior Research Analyst, Worldwide Insurance Strategies Read full bio   @SabithaMKumar Philip Carnelley Research Director, European Software Group Read full bio @Pcarnelley Arun Dani Senior Research Analyst, IT Services Read full bio Insurance industry is currently on a digital mission to offer contextual and value-centric products and offerings to its customers driven by the change in […]

10 May

Big data analytics in action: putting culture front and center

Helena Schwenk Research Manager, European Software Read full bio   @hmschwenk European organisations are readily embracing data and analytics technologies to become more data driven, however there’s growing recognition that having the right culture and leadership in place is pivotal to making this work. This was one of the key takeaways from the sessions and discussions […]