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10 Jul

The Art of Mastering Data: A European Perspective

Erica SpinoniResearch Analyst, IDC European SoftwareRead full bio – Twitter @SpinoniErica The contextual complexity around big data is increasing exponentially. Governance and regulation, data volume and data variety, the velocity of transmission and computation, and the potential for adoption of open source technologies are a few of the many challenges that companies are facing in […]

03 May

The Rising World of Use Cases: Selling Digital

Mark YatesResearch Manager Read full bio Angela VaccaSenior Research ManagerRead full bio “Digitally determined” organizations no longer ask if something is possible. They assume it is. Corporate leaders identify what they wish to achieve. Those goals are broken into use cases. The organization then works backward to determine what technologies are needed. IT suppliers need […]

26 Mar

Intelligent Application Services: Redefining the Market for the Digital Era

John O’Brien Research Director, European Intelligent Application ServicesRead full bio Application services providers are under intense pressure to transform themselves to truly support rapid customer innovation at scale. They’re pressured by a lack of skills and capabilities in emerging hot areas like AI, automation, and IoT, and by their sprawling size and complexity, which are […]