15 Jan

How would a ‘No Deal’ Brexit impact the UK software market?

Alexandros Stratis                            Senior Research Analyst,European Enterprise ApplicationsRead full bio With the level of uncertainty surrounding Brexit reaching new heights practically every week, predicting what the impact is going to be on the UK software market is quite challenging. Whereas a second referendum, […]

10 Jan

How is the European IT Market going a year and a half after Brexit Referendum?

Andrea Siviero Research Manager, European Industry Solutions Read full bio  @sivieroand Carla La Croce Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions Read full bio  @carla_lacroce Seizing the opportunity of our IDC European 2018 FutureScape presentation, we recently published an European IT Market Update that looks at the IT Spending Forecast evolution in 2017, focusing on the  British IT Market outlook […]

12 Jun

Extended uncertainty, a delayed Brexit, and the next election — What does the U.K. election mean for Brexit and the FS industry?

Thomas Zink Associate Research Director, IDC Financial Insights Read full bio  @ThomasZink5 Lawrence Freeborn Research Manager, IDC Financial Insights   Yesterday’s election may have resulted in the worst possible outcome as it will extend the period of uncertainty given that all options — “hard Brexit,” “soft Brexit,” “no Brexit” — remain on the table.

06 Jun

2.0 : What does the European roaming market look like after the legislation comes into force? Advice for Telcos

Laura Petrone Senior Research Analyst Read full bio Rosie Secchi Research Manager, European Wireless and Mobile Communications Read full bio The European roaming market is expected to look hugely different after the new regulation will come into force, leaving mobile operators with the big challenge of re-inventing and re-marketing the roaming experience.