15 Aug

The perfect storm is brewing in the European cloud market

  Carla Arend Senior Program Director European Software Read full bio  @carla_arend Margaret Adam   Senior Program Director IDC’s European Channels and Alliances program Read full bio  @madam_idc Common wisdom says that in Europe partners play a key role in accelerating the cloud journeys of their customers. However, IDC’s recent research shows that the majority of partners […]

09 Jul

Does A “Cloud First” Strategy Make Sense in Europe?

Carla Arend Senior Program Director, European Cloud Research Read full bio  @carla_arend Deciding on a suitable cloud strategy is a critical first step on a successful cloud journey. Cloud strategy options range from “cloud first” over “cloud also” to “best fit” or “no cloud” and I have observed some interesting developments over the past couple […]

10 May

Cloud is Not the Ultimate Objective — Hospitals Will Only Adopt if it Makes Sense

        Jonas Knudsen Research Director, Health Insights Read full bio  @JonasHKnudsen I have had several conversations with hospital CIOs on cloud adoption in the past three months. I needed help in analyzing our IDC survey data on cloud in healthcare, as the data showed a very low adoption rate compared with the industry […]