20 Nov

China’s 5G Challenge: Mid-Priced Phones

China launched 5G services at the beginning of November. To establish a mass market, Chinese Android vendors need to bring prices down fast; to achieve that, prices will need to fall to less than half that of the first 5G models in South Korea, the early 5G market leader.

05 Nov

Eastern Bloc PC Industry Fell as Fast as the Wall

The Eastern bloc‘s attempts to rival the West in IT were doomed to failure and already collapsing before the Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago on November 9, 1989. Little was left of the hardware companies such as East Germany’s Robotron within a few years as Western PC imports flowed in, but the emphasis on […]

12 Sep

Putting 7nm to the Test: Do Matisse and Navi Live Up to the Hype?

The 7th of July 2019 was a big day for AMD, and the gaming industry at large, as we saw the release of Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU’s (codenamed Matisse) along with Radeon 5700 GPU’s (popularly known as Navi).  We were lucky enough to test out how these new components stack up against previous generations and […]