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05 Apr

Achieving a Superior Patient Experience in Digital Healthcare Services: The Role of Design-Thinking

Silvia Piai Senior Research Manager, IDC Health Insights Read full bio  @SilviaPiai_idc We often hear that to solve many of today’s healthcare systems problems we need to start (re)putting patients at the center. “Engraining patient-centrity throughout services and process” has become a sort of industry catch-phrase, with many variations that have highlighted the importance of […]

20 Feb

What Planet Are You From, Mr. Hospital CIO?

Jonas Knudsen Research Director, IDC Health Insights, EMEA Read full bio      @JonasHKnudsen Jan Van Vonno Research Manager, European Software Read full bio  @Janvanvonno  This is not a rhetorical question. It was something my hospital CEO asked me when, as CIO, I was presenting the digital vision and strategy for the New Odense University […]

22 Jan

Insurers Are Beginning To Embrace Open APIs To Tune In To The Evolving Digital Ecosystem

Sabitha Majukumar                                     Senior Research Analyst, Worldwide Insurance Strategies Read full bio   @SabithaMKumar The ‘Open Banking Revolution’, triggered by the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), will see new, API-connected services brought to European consumers around the traditional core […]