27 Jun

What is on the mind of Technology Marketing Leaders?

Gerry Brown Research Director Read full bio  @gerrybrown Last week IDC hosted, 22 tech industry marketing leaders at our annual CMO Advisory council dinner in London.  The topics up for discussion were IDC’s latest research and thought-leadership ideas in the areas of content marketing, customer experience, and customer data management.

25 Jun

Key Takeaways from IDC’s 2018 European Digital Executive Summit

Philip Carter Chief Analyst, Europe Read full bio  @carter_pc Last week, IDC hosted its 4th Digital Executive Summit in Malaga, Spain – and what an event it was! Over the past four years, IDC has invested a lot of effort in building a vibrant digital community including executives, vendor sponsors, innovators and the IDC team.

14 Jun

Understanding the value of healthcare convergence, enabling true digital transformation: IDC Health Insights launches three new research programs in European healthcare and life science

Silvia Piai Senior Research Manager, IDC Health Insights Read full bio  @SilviaPiai_idc The quest for delivering value to patients is at the heart of the tremendous amount of reform and innovation that health systems across Europe are experiencing. Value in health is defined by the quality of clinical outcomes, the patient experience and by the […]

31 May

What will be Your Next Move on the Innovation Accelerators Chessboard?

Carla La Croce Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions Read full bio  @carla_lacroce                          Giulia Carosella Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions, IDC Read full bio  @GiuliaCarosella Thomas Vavra Associate Vice President, Software, CEMA Read full bio A Look into European Industries According to the most recent IDC […]