16 Sep

Facial Recognition in Europe – a Battle Between Privacy and Surveillance

Police, security forces, and private landlords are increasingly using facial recognition across Western Europe for surveillance purposes. Facial recognition systems have been deployed by police in Berlin, Copenhagen, and several UK cities. Concern about the use of this technology by the public and private sector is growing dramatically, and legislators are now waking up to […]

25 May

GDPR 2.0: You Thought It Was All Over…

Duncan Brown Research Director, European Security Practice Read full bio  @duncanwbrown What? You thought that GDPR was over by May 25th, and you never wanted to think about it again? Sorry folks, but we’ve just had the taster. Firstly, the bad news. GDPR is not a one-time project. Many organisations have approached GDPR like a […]

15 Apr

You Must Decide What State of the Art Means to Your Organization!

Martin Whitworth Research Director, European Data Security & Privacy at IDC Read full bio  @martinwhitworth The GDPR concept of ‘state of the art’ (SotA) continues to cause confusion for many – and I’m afraid that even though SotA is used throughout the GDPR (and the Network and Information Security directive), nowhere is it defined – […]