16 Jan

More Frogs on the Frying Pan for Europe: Technology and Innovation

Mark Yates     Research Manager,European Digital Transformation PracticeRead full bio Finding a crisis is Europe is almost as easy as meeting a protestor on the Champs Élysées when French labor laws are about to be changed. There are euro zone worries, migrant worries, fears of political destabilization, Brexit (and other member-state recalcitrance), a resurgent […]

31 May

What will be Your Next Move on the Innovation Accelerators Chessboard?

Carla La Croce Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions Read full bio  @carla_lacroce                          Giulia Carosella Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions, IDC Read full bio  @GiuliaCarosella Thomas Vavra Associate Vice President, Software, CEMA Read full bio A Look into European Industries According to the most recent IDC […]