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08 Aug

Staying Ahead of Manufacturing Disruption

Maggie Slowik   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation. Fueled by disruptive forces such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0, a major overhaul of key business processes is needed — across product innovation, production, and supply chain.

30 Jul

Opportunities for WiFi in Public Spaces

Chris Pennell    Research Director, IDC Government Insights Read full bio Ksenia Efimova    Senior Research Analyst, EMEA Telecoms and NetworkingRead full bio Demand for funding through the European Commission’s WiFi4EU program demonstrates that there is still considerable interest for WiFi in public spaces by municipalities.

26 Jul

Plan and Dream All You Like – But if You Haven’t Got the Skills…

Marianne KoldingVice President, European Core Research Excellence Leader, European Skills Practice Read full bio  @mkolding We’re in an exciting era, with technology transforming the way we live, work, play, and do business in a more significant way than ever before. According to IDC’s Global DX Leaders Survey, 95% of European organizations have already embarked on […]

16 Jul

Is Smart Education the New Smart Cities?

Jan Alexa   Research Manager, IDC Government Insights Read full bio Smart cities have been one of the most dynamic markets in recent years. According to IDC’s semiannual smart city spending guide, up to €20 billion was spent on them in Europe in 2018 — and that trend is expected to continue in the near […]