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08 Aug

Staying Ahead of Manufacturing Disruption

Maggie Slowik   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation. Fueled by disruptive forces such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0, a major overhaul of key business processes is needed — across product innovation, production, and supply chain.

11 Feb

Are B2B Digital Commerce Platforms Fueling Ecosystem Models for Manufacturers?

Neel Mandal   Research Director, IDC Manufacturing InsightsRead full bio It’s no longer only about process innovation or efficiency improvement within the four walls of the enterprise. Manufacturing organizations of all sizes are seizing the opportunity of digital commerce as the next engine of growth. Many are accelerating their uptake of eCommerce as the crucial first step to […]

31 Jan

The Changing Face of Manufacturing

Maggie Slowik   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio The manufacturing industry is changing faster than ever, with digital transformation (DX) underway at most manufacturers, and this is set to continue as organizations begin to feel the benefits that come with it. In the past, manufacturers have been focused on productivity improvements (how to achieve more […]