16 Dec

Top 10 Mobile Predictions for the Beginning of a New Decade

Mobile technology changed our lives for good in the past decade. Smartphones became the most successful consumer electronics of all times, and as they brought the internet to our hands, new services emerged. Over the past ten years, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smart home devices, etc.) have disrupted our lives, so as a new decade […]

09 Dec

Smartphone Market: Year in Review 2019

2019 was a very busy year for telcos and device manufacturers. With the debut of the first 5G service and device marking the beginning of the long-awaited new network generation, let us now look back at the most significant moments that shaped the smartphone market in 2019.

20 Nov

China’s 5G Challenge: Mid-Priced Phones

China launched 5G services at the beginning of November. To establish a mass market, Chinese Android vendors need to bring prices down fast; to achieve that, prices will need to fall to less than half that of the first 5G models in South Korea, the early 5G market leader.