21 Feb

“Commerce Everywhere” Through the Lens of the European Retail Kaleidoscope

Ornella Urso  Research Analyst, IDC Retail InsightsRead full bio Retailers are now offering their customers real-time (anytime) contextual experiences whether they are online or offline (everywhere). Leading brands are engaging with consumers and discovering what products and services they might need or like. Voice assistants and image recognition are some of the disruptive technologies that are radically changing […]

01 Feb

Achieving Retail Customer Experience Personalization at scale through Automation

Andrea Sangalli Associate Research Director, IDC Retail Insights Read full bio  @andrewsangs “By 2019, 40% of Retailers Will Have Developed a CX Architecture Supported by an AI foundations; the Architecture supports CX Hyper-Micro Personalization, Providing up to a 30% Conversion Increase and Thus up to 25% Higher Revenue”