Jan Alexa (Research Manager, IDC Government Insights)

The European Education sector is at the verge of transformation. Governments are increasingly willing to invest into the serious overhauls of educational systems, aware of the coming labor market transformation which will require fast-evolving skills set and the educational system which is able to provide those in efficient manner.

For reasons such as innovation culture, autonomy and strong collaborative ecosystems (read https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=CEMA42166217) universities are often at the vanguard of DX in Education. That said, there are often struggling to execute holistic transformation. Most of universities are still in the phase of piloting of few initiatives and struggle to make synergic advances across all areas which IDC measure the maturity of DX in Higher Education.


IDC Smart Campus MaturityScape v1.0



That said, more than 90% of universities have already adopted at least one 3rd Platform Pillar.   There is an increasing recognition among various stakeholders, from national authorities, academia, through to students themselves, that the providers of higher education must adapt to the changing expectations and innovation in the area of Digital Transformation.

According to IDC European Vertical Markets survey, approximately 20% of overall IT spending in 2019 for Higher Education will be geared towards innovation. Significant part of that budget will be spent on solutions based on AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud and other transformational technologies, with a special focus on improvement of student’s experience.

Nonetheless, the higher education leaders face considerable obstacles on their DX journey. Most notable among those are:

  • Resistance to change on part of key stakeholders such as teaching staff,
  • Unclear development paths and difficulty to execute process transformation necessary to complement technological change,
  • Lack of clarity on direct benefits for the learning outcomes from DX initiatives

To orient themselves in increasing range of possibilities brought by the DX in Education, providers of Education can leverage extensive IDC research and dedicated IDC European Education Digital Transformation practice. IDC European Education practice is able to help with evaluation of strategic priorities, vendor assessment as well as assessment of maturity of your Campus Digital Transformation.

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