17 May

“World Island” Sees Competition in the Smartphone Business Toughen First

Simon Baker
Program Director, Mobile Phones, CEMA
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The Chinese focus on the “World Island” is protecting the Americas — at least for the moment — as consolidation bites in the Android business. Recent quarters have seen a big squeeze in the Android smartphone business as Huawei grows, but mainly at the expense of smaller brands and less at the expense of market leader Samsung.

14 May

5G in the UK: Vodafone Won’t Get Left Behind This Time

John Delaney

John Delaney
Associate VP European Mobility
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This morning, Vodafone announced its commercial launch date for 5G services in the UK: July 3. In anticipation of the launch, Vodafone UK will start selling its first 5G smartphone next week, with further smartphone models to follow over the summer, as well as a 5G home router.

08 May
Inclusion and Diversity_Skills Gap_Alexandros Stratis

Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace: Breaking Down the Barriers to Change

Alexandros Stratis
Research Manager

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We live at a time of intense transformational pressure for organisations of all sizes. At IDC, we have been looking at the inclusion and diversity challenges from the point of view of technology and how the 3rd Platform is reshaping the experience of employers, employees, and customers.