Smartphone Market: Year in Review 2019

marta pinto-idc
Marta Pinto (Research Manager, European Mobile Devices)
2019 was a very busy year for telcos and device manufacturers. With the debut of the first 5G service and device marking the beginning of the long-awaited new network generation, let us now look back at the most significant moments that shaped the smartphone market in 2019.


5G Spectrum for Private Networks: The Barbarians at the Gates?

JOHN DELANEY (Associate VP, European Telecoms)
5G spectrum is no longer the sole preserve of mobile operators in Europe. Earlier this week, the German industrial giant Siemens announced its intention to apply for a spectrum license in the 3.4–3.8GHz band that has been allocated to 5G mobile networks. This follows a similar announcement in November from another German industrial giant, Bosch. We expect more to follow.


What the Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles Tell Us About AI’s Value

MAX CLAPS (Research Director, IDC Government Insights)
CHRIS WESTON (Principal, Client Advisory)
JACK VERNON (Senior Research Analyst)
One of the most common questions people ask about autonomous vehicles (also known as AVs or self-driving cars) is how they will impact our lives in the short to medium term. The short answer, based on our research, is that we feel the hype around AVs is tapering off.