Technology Can Save or Kill You: IoT Security in European Healthcare

GIULIA BESANA (Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights)
According to the IDC IoT Global Survey 2019, European healthcare organizations see both security concerns and opportunities in the implementation of IoT projects. Internet of Things solutions in the healthcare environment can be used easily to secure environments, patients and workers within a complex, often big healthcare setting. Some examples include GPS location tracking of inventory and medical equipment, health facility security, fall detection sensors, and gas, fire or flood sensors.


Technology and Sustainability: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?

MARTA MUNOZ (Research Director)
Last week technology vendors were very forthcoming about their sustainability efforts: Google announced its plans to increase the amount of electricity it uses from renewable energies, Amazon ordered 100,000 electric trucks for its delivery fleet, and Salesforce unveiled a new pollution tracking tool. This, of course, came during the same week that climate change demonstrations were taking place around the world under the #ClimateStrike banner, ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York.