04 Mar

Personal rules are essential for your work-life balance

Anders Elbak
Research Manager, IDC Nordic

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This blog is the second in a series about leadership, gender gap, diversity and work-life balance in the tech world.

An interview with Anders Elbak

I work in the Nordic research/consulting group. My work days actually vary a lot: I do some primary research but spend significantly more time communicating and conveying our market research in presentations, client workshops, whitepapers, and “classical” IDC reports. In addition, I spend quite a lot of time supporting sales scoping projects and preparing proposals. 

26 Feb

How can the tech industry provide you with an exciting career?

idc marianne kolding

Marianne Kolding
Vice President, European Core Research Excellence Leader, European Skills Practice

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This blog is the first in a series about leadership, gender gap, diversity and work-life balance in the tech world.

An interview with Marianne Kolding

I’m lucky enough to have two hats to wear at IDC. Wearing one, I’m focused on how we can ensure that we deliver our research to our customers in a way that really fit their needs and keep it relevant. This means I get to work with a high number of our analysts across Europe as well as other functions. Wearing the other hat, together with a dozen or so colleagues, we are building out IDC’s Technology Skills Practice – this is an area that I have worked in for the past almost 20 years, so it’s great now to see it spread and flourish. So there isn’t really a typical day for me – they are so varied but (mostly) exciting.

22 Feb
IDC IWD Blog - Margaret Adam - Diversity

Diversity, Inclusion and Red Hat’s Open Culture

IDC margaret adam

Margaret Adam  
AVP, European Services, Channels and Alliances Ecosystems
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We, at IDC, strongly believe that Digital transformation is as much a cultural transformation as it is a technological one.  It demands new ways of working and, critically, a collaborative and inclusive organization.  Within this context, we are looking at what different technology companies are doing to address issues of culture change, diversity and inclusion in their own organizations and the ecosystems they operate in. 

21 Feb

“Commerce Everywhere” Through the Lens of the European Retail Kaleidoscope

Ornella Urso 
Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights
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Retailers are now offering their customers real-time (anytime) contextual experiences whether they are online or offline (everywhere). Leading brands are engaging with consumers and discovering what products and services they might need or like. Voice assistants and image recognition are some of the disruptive technologies that are radically changing the retail sector and, after years of change, retail is now all about “commerce everywhere.” Brands are reaching out to their customers through multiple interfaces rather than channels, and they can do it from any location or space and at any time.