08 May

Is Robotic Process Automation the Hottest Software Topic Around?

Neil Ward-Dutton
Vice President, AI and DX European Research Practices
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On April 30, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) specialist UiPath announced that it had secured a fifth round of venture funding. This round alone is worth $568 million and values the company at over $7 billion, and it brings UiPath’s total funding to over $1 billion. In response to this news, my colleague Philip Carnelley tweeted: “$7 billion valuation! #RPA surely the hottest software topic around right now.” Certainly, UiPath’s not alone, although it is currently by far the best capitalized RPA vendor. Its sparring partner Automation Anywhere has raised a total of $550 million; and beyond that, Blue Prism has so far raised a total of $59 million and Kryon has raised $53 million. However, UiPath is seeing quite extraordinary growth (no doubt some of it fueled by previous funding, a big chunk of which has gone into sales and marketing). In 2016 it had around 100 customers; in 2017, around 700; and in 2018, around 2,100. The growth in customer numbers shows no sign of slowing down yet.

03 May

The Rising World of Use Cases: Selling Digital

Mark Yates
Research Manager
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Angela Vacca
Senior Research Manager
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“Digitally determined” organizations no longer ask if something is possible. They assume it is. Corporate leaders identify what they wish to achieve. Those goals are broken into use cases. The organization then works backward to determine what technologies are needed. IT suppliers need to be on board with these use cases. Many suppliers say they put customers first and that they work backward from business goals to create their products. But we’ve spoken with and seen too many instances where their sales representatives are focused on products, not the goals of their clients. Some of these reps struggle to connect task-specific applications to use cases and strategic goals. Some of us at IDC have been directly involved in training designed to help IT suppliers improve the positioning of products and services in relation to high-level goals and divisional or departmental use cases.

24 Apr
Apple’s focus on newer premium models has looked inevitable

Swisscom Among the First with Commercial 5G in Europe — But is the Real Story Here About 2G and 3G?

John Delaney

John Delaney
Associate VP European Mobility
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The Swiss operator Swisscom and Ericsson jointly announced that Swisscom’s commercial 5G network has gone live. The 5G service is available in 54 towns and cities in Switzerland, and Swisscom plans to cover 90% of the Swiss population with 5G by the end of 2019. Earlier in April another Swiss mobile operator, Sunrise, announced the launch of its 5G home broadband service, using network equipment and routers from Huawei. Sunrise plans to offer the services in 60 Swiss towns and cities by the end of 2019.

18 Apr
IDC Future of Work

Digital Transformation in The European Education Sector

Jan Alexa  
Research Manager, IDC Government Insights
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The European Education sector is at the verge of transformation. Governments are increasingly willing to invest into the serious overhauls of educational systems, aware of the coming labor market transformation which will require fast-evolving skills set and the educational system which is able to provide those in efficient manner.