01 Feb

Content Marketing at Scale: Meeting the Challenge of Big Content

Kathleen schaub IDC

Kathleen Schaub                                  
Program Vice President, CMO Advisory & Customer Experience

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“Big Content” has arrived. As more of the customer conversation moves online, the challenge has become not just producing great content but producing great content at scale. Chefs in a large restaurant who prepare thousands of four-star meals a day work very differently from family cooks. (more…)

31 Jan

Workplace of the Future- Goodbye Technology, Hello End-user Focus

Lionel Lamy IDC

Lionel Lamy                                   
Associate VP, European Services &  IoT Practice co-lead

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Truth be told, workplace is not the top CIO priority in Europe or elsewhere. Topics, such as Cloud, Analytics, Security or the Internet of Things, all grab many more headlines as well as much more boardroom attention.  (more…)

27 Jan

Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again, but Expecting Different Results – Might Blockchain Technology Break the Pattern?

Thomas Zink IDC

Thomas Zink
Associate Research Director, IDC Financial Insights

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IDC Lawrence Freeborn

Lawrence Freeborn
Research Manager, IDC Financial Insights

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While blockchain remains the hottest topic for the financial services industry, the first voices are already starting to predict a stagnation of initiatives by 2019, based on the fact that the industry hasn’t managed to move beyond POCs. (more…)

24 Jan

Cloud Security Duality: Strategic Implications

konstantin rychkov IDC

Konstantin Rychkov                                   
Senior Research Analyst, Software, Western Europe
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Do you know what Cloud Security is?

This question is not so easy to answer. One moment you think it’s a solution you deploy, but on second thought – it is a process. It can be your provider’s problem, but suddenly you are responsible for data leakages. (more…)