08 Nov

Are Public Sector organizations exempt from GDPR compliance? – Absolutely not!

IDC Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown
Research Director, European Security Practice

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IDC Carla Arend

Carla Arend
Program Director, European Software

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In recent conversation with IT managers about GDPR implications and which steps to take to reach compliance by May 2018, it turned out that representatives from public sector organizations were under the impression that they would be exempt from GDPR compliance. (more…)

02 Nov

Cognitive Computing Comes to ERP

Philip Carnelley IDC

Philip Carnelley
Research Director, European Software Group

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Exactly 60 years after artificial intelligence research began as a scientific discipline (according to Wikipedia) the promise of cognitive computing is suddenly being realized. Announcements of exciting, powerful new AI-driven services, like Amazon Alexa and Google’s Assistant, are coming thick and fast. (more…)

26 Oct

The Future’s Bright: The Future’s Embedded (Security)

IDCUKI Dominic Trott

Dominic Trott                                    
Research Manager, European Security
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Security works well when it is part of a consistent, unified, seamless experience. This occurs when security is embedded within the product or service in hand. This allows users to simply go about their business without being distracted by the invasion of security into their activities. (more…)

20 Oct

Unified Solutions Drive the Western European Security Appliance Market to new Heights in Q2 2016

IDC Romain Fouchereau

Romain Fouchereau                                
Manager, Security Appliance Program, European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions
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IDC has just released the Q2 2016 Security appliance tracker, sharing IDC’s insight into both past performance and future expectations of the market. The results show that the western European security appliance market value grew by 5.1% in Q2 2016. (more…)