Blockchain In Insurance Kicking Off A New Era Of Hassle Free Sales And Service

sabitha majukumar IDC

Sabitha Majukumar                                    
Senior Research Analyst, Worldwide Insurance Strategies
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For an industry that is rooted on the principles of trust and utmost good faith, recent pilot projects involving blockchain can be looked at as great ways to improve customer confidence and loyalty. After all, offering a frictionless/hassle free service at the ‘moment of truth’ in insurance (i.e. claims) is the real test of an insurer’s promise of cover to their customers. It is obvious that any technology that can support this can’t be ignored for long. (more…)

Big Data Analytics Is a Key Building Block in Value Based Healthcare

IDC Jonas Knudsen






Jonas Knudsen
Research Director, Health Insights
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When speaking about new reimbursement models where quality is rewarded, it is essential to have the capability to monitor, measure and act upon clinical data. Most healthcare organisations monitor productivity data today, and to change that capability into a more complex situation can be a challenging task. Healthcare executives must initially decide the big questions: (more…)

Cloud Computing – Continuing to Mature in Ireland

IDC John Gilsenan

John Gilsenan
Consultant, IDC Ireland  @johnrosgilsenan

The continuing adoption of cloud computing by Irish organizations is clear from research conducted by IDC in its IT Trends and Expenditure in Ireland 2017 survey.  It was possible to compare the findings of the Irish research and a comprehensive IDC survey conducted across Europe a few months earlier. When we examined the IT investment priorities of organizations in the different countries we observe far more similarity than divergence. (more…)

Netflix Dilemmas – Why You Need a Multicloud Strategy

IDC Georgio Nebuloni

Giorgio Nebuloni
Associate Research Director European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions

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Remember ten years ago? The word cloud had barely been coined and already pundits (must have been industry analysts) were predicting it would disappear. Cloud would become EVERYTHING, hence the concept would evaporate; i.e. be retired. Turned out somewhat differently. Today, everyone and their dog is using multiple cloud services in Europe. Think about a company (ANY company) you know, that has no productivity suites or HR capabilities delivered in SaaS mode, no virtualized resources on-premise, and no dedicated capacity at an external managed service provider.