Digital Security: Managing Security Across Mobile and Cloud

IDC Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown
Research Director, European Security Practice

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Digital transformation (DX) is the biggest driver of IT across Europe. Importantly, DX is a business-led initiative often championed by the CEO – what this means is that DX programmes and projects happen, whether IT and security operations are involved or not. (more…)

Trend Micro Insight 2016 – Briefings in Boston

IDCUKI Dominic Trott

Dominic Trott                                    
Research Manager, European Security
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To use an analogy coined by Trend Micro’s CEO Eva Chen, the company is like Wolverine from the X-Men: Trend Micro has been going for a long time and has endured a number of market shifts and challenges. Yet it has been able to absorb these challenges, emerging unscathed to become the global player that it is today. (more…)

EE proposes standardized assessment of UK mobile network quality, based on geographical coverage

John Delaney

John Delaney                                      
Associate VP European Mobility, IDC
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In April 2016, EE announced its intention to move from a population-based measure of its network coverage to a measure based on the geographical area covered by its network. Today, EE called on Ofcom and the other mobile operators to move from population to geography as the standard basis for network coverage figures. (more…)