The Future’s Bright: The Future’s Embedded (Security)

IDCUKI Dominic Trott

Dominic Trott                                    
Research Manager, European Security
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Security works well when it is part of a consistent, unified, seamless experience. This occurs when security is embedded within the product or service in hand. This allows users to simply go about their business without being distracted by the invasion of security into their activities. (more…)

Unified Solutions Drive the Western European Security Appliance Market to new Heights in Q2 2016

IDC Romain Fouchereau

Romain Fouchereau                                
Manager, Security Appliance Program, European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions
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IDC has just released the Q2 2016 Security appliance tracker, sharing IDC’s insight into both past performance and future expectations of the market. The results show that the western European security appliance market value grew by 5.1% in Q2 2016. (more…)

73 million reasons why TalkTalk will improve its security

IDC Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown
Research Director, European Security Practice

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Last week TalkTalk, the UK telecom firm, finally discovered the official financial penalty as a consequence of the data breach it suffered 12 months ago. The Information Commissioners Office, the UK data protection regulator, levied a fine of £400,000, the highest fine in its history. (more…)

Misys returns to the market

IDC Lawrence Freeborn

Lawrence Freeborn                                 
Research Manager, Financial Insights
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A quick look at IDC’s 2016 Fintech Rankings reveals that just four of the top hundred financial technology vendors are headquartered in London. This is fewer than the five that are headquartered in France, the six in Switzerland or indeed the eight in India. (more…)