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05 Aug

Alexa vs Google Assistant – The Battle of the Voice Assistants

Antonio ArantesSenior Research Analyst, European Mobile DevicesRead full bio @antoniojarantes Voice Summit 2019 took place on July 22–26 in New Jersey. In the smart home space, voice is one of the key elements of a unified ecosystem, facilitating device control and interaction. Within the wide portfolio of smart home hardware, smart speakers are usually the […]

13 Aug

AI and Chatbots herald new vibrancy and market entrants into the Contact Center market

Gerry Brown Research Director Read full bio  @gerrybrown For the last 2-3 years, the European Contact Center market has been somewhat unexciting. Dominated by a small number of traditional contact center vendors such as Genesys and Verint, technology innovation has been largely incremental rather than breakthrough.