10 Jul

The Art of Mastering Data: A European Perspective

Erica SpinoniResearch Analyst, IDC European SoftwareRead full bio – Twitter @SpinoniErica The contextual complexity around big data is increasing exponentially. Governance and regulation, data volume and data variety, the velocity of transmission and computation, and the potential for adoption of open source technologies are a few of the many challenges that companies are facing in […]

20 Dec

Digital Transformation: Where European Manufacturing is Today, and the Challenges it Will Have to Master? Key Takeaways From the IDC Manufacturing Summit 2017

Stefani Naujoks Senior Research Manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio   @s_naujoks Maggie Slowik Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio   @MaggieSlowik Lorenzo Veronesi Research Manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio The 5th edition of the IDC Pan-European Manufacturing Summit took place in Dublin this year. Themed “Win Fast, Scale Fact, Innovate […]

13 Jul

GDPR is more than a security issue: think governance!

Philip Carnelley Assistant Vice President, European Software Group Read full bio  @Pcarnelley The EU’s far-reaching GDPR legislation will start to apply from May 25, 2018 – less than a year away. IDC surveys reveal that a surprising number of companies do not expect to be ready on the day, let alone in advance. As of […]

10 May

Big data analytics in action: putting culture front and center

Helena Schwenk Research Manager, European Software Read full bio   @hmschwenk European organisations are readily embracing data and analytics technologies to become more data driven, however there’s growing recognition that having the right culture and leadership in place is pivotal to making this work. This was one of the key takeaways from the sessions and discussions […]