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17 Mar

Blockchain: What’s in It for Utilities beyond the Hype

Jean-François Segalotto                                 Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights EMEA Read full bio   @JSegalotto The intersection of Blockchain and the energy industry looks like a great place to be today. A technology that promises to bring order and automation in a distributed […]

27 Jan

Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again, but Expecting Different Results – Might Blockchain Technology Break the Pattern?

Thomas Zink Associate Research Director, IDC Financial Insights Read full bio  @ThomasZink5 Lawrence Freeborn Research Manager, IDC Financial Insights Read full bio  @IDCLawrence While blockchain remains the hottest topic for the financial services industry, the first voices are already starting to predict a stagnation of initiatives by 2019, based on the fact that the industry hasn’t […]