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01 Jun

1.0 : What are the challenges for Telcos when the new EU roaming regulation comes into force?

Laura Petrone Senior Research Analyst Read full bio Rosie Secchi Research Manager, European Wireless and Mobile Communications Read full bio From June 15th, mobile roaming charges will be abolished for EU member States, after the European Council gave final clearance to the new regulation approved by the European Parliament. The effect of the new legislation […]

20 Dec

2016 Storage Industry Highlights: GDPR, Brexit, data growth, storage management and innovation defined the year that was!

Archana Venkatraman Senior Research Analyst, European Storage Research Read full bio  @ArchanaTweets Carla Arend Program Director, European Software Read full bio  @carla_arend As another year comes to an end, we look back at 2016 for highlights that shaped the European storage industry.

08 Dec

“Disruption is not a bad thing. It is in fact an opportunity”, Insurers said at the ABI Conference 2016

Sabitha Majukumar                                     Senior Research Analyst, Worldwide Insurance Strategies Read full bio   @SabithaMKumar The political and economic environment here in the UK and many other parts of the world is undoubtedly turbulent but to my greatest relief, I […]

07 Oct

Misys returns to the market

Lawrence Freeborn                                  Research Manager, Financial Insights Read full bio   @IDCLawrenc A quick look at IDC’s 2016 Fintech Rankings reveals that just four of the top hundred financial technology vendors are headquartered in London. This is fewer than the five that are […]