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30 May

Activating the Virtuous Circle of Retail Innovation Excellence

Guilio RaffaeleSenior Research Analyst, IDC Retail InsightsRead full bio IDC strongly believes that retail innovation goes well beyond the implementation of new technology that substitutes or integrates to legacy IT systems. According to IDC, retailers should first point at the diffusion and consolidation of an innovation culture within their organizations.

24 May

Data-Driven Innovations to Support Quality of Life in Cities

Julia NeuschmidSenior Research Analyst, IDC Government InsightsRead full bio Improving the quality of life in cities by using available data was the main challenge of HackPrague 2019. The annual hackathon took place in Prague in May and gathered passionate developers and designers from across Europe to build their ideas. IDC was also there and gave […]

20 May

“Behavioral Surplus” Is Not Evil – It’s Essential to Customer Experience

Mark YatesResearch Manager Read full bio Andrea SangalliResearch DirectorRead full bio As the age of customer experience takes hold, enterprises must do far more than collect and analyze customer data to enable the improvement of their products, services, and engagements. They must also tap the so-called behavioral surplus.

03 May

The Rising World of Use Cases: Selling Digital

Mark YatesResearch Manager Read full bio Angela VaccaSenior Research ManagerRead full bio “Digitally determined” organizations no longer ask if something is possible. They assume it is. Corporate leaders identify what they wish to achieve. Those goals are broken into use cases. The organization then works backward to determine what technologies are needed. IT suppliers need […]