09 Nov

What’s most important to global oil and gas executives when rolling out enterprisewide DX road maps?

          Gaurav Verma Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights Read full bio  @Gaurav_IDCEnrgy Digital transformation (DX) initiatives lie at the heart of the corporate strategy of most oil and gas (O&G) companies. DX has become an integral part of companies’ enterprise strategy. In my previous blog — European Oil and Gas Companies […]

24 Jul

Wanted: A Digital Toolbox for Manufacturing

          Maggie Slowik Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio  @MaggieSlowik Today, discrete manufacturing might be undergoing the biggest transformation ever. Not only does the sector need to stay focused on traditional objectives, such as increasing uptime and throughput in the plant, and managing costs, but it must also […]

16 Jul

European Oil and Gas Companies Reinventing IT Strategies to Drive Digital Innovation and Build Resilient Business

          Gaurav Verma Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights Read full bio  @Gaurav_IDCEnrgy 2018 has come as a breath of fresh air for the petroleum industry. Looking back at the dark days of the global oil market between 2014 and 2016, when crude oil prices plunged from $112 to $28 a barrel, […]

07 Mar

Top 6 Digital Trends Shaping the Health Industry in 2017

Jonas Knudsen                                 Research Director, Health Insights Read full bio  @JonasHKnudsen IDC Health Insights has just released a IDC Perspective: Western Europe Healthcare Sector: Key Themes for 2017. IDC Health Insights analyzes the key themes that will drive technology investment in […]