18 Dec

IoT platforms in healthcare – A journey from a digital era to an intelligent era

      Adriana Allocato Senior Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights Read Full Bio here |  @AdrianAllocato European healthcare providers have a good understanding of what the Internet of Things (IoT) is. Whether used to tracking patients’ vitals remotely or to monitoring home medication dispensers, IoT solutions are countless in healthcare. Intelligent sensors are deployed on a smart space […]

10 May

Big data analytics in action: putting culture front and center

Helena Schwenk Research Manager, European Software Read full bio   @hmschwenk European organisations are readily embracing data and analytics technologies to become more data driven, however there’s growing recognition that having the right culture and leadership in place is pivotal to making this work. This was one of the key takeaways from the sessions and discussions […]

06 Apr

Strong growth ahead – Systems management software is critical for digital transformation, hybrid and multi-cloud success

Carla Arend Program Director, European Software Read full bio  @carla_arend Michael Ceroici Research Analyst, European Datacenter Group Read full bio Systems management software (SMS) is a vibrant market growing in importance. European organizations are building modern IT infrastructures to support their digital transformation initiatives, and cloud service usage is becoming mainstream and needs to be […]