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11 Sep

The Coming Omni-Learning Age

The new paradigm of education is omni-learning. The effects of changing patterns in the labor market, non-traditional providers of education, demand for digital skills, changing preferences of learners, and the development of transformative enabling technology has radically changed how education is perceived, valued in the labor market, provided, and, ultimately, also how it is experienced […]

16 Jul

Is Smart Education the New Smart Cities?

Jan Alexa   Research Manager, IDC Government Insights Read full bio Smart cities have been one of the most dynamic markets in recent years. According to IDC’s semiannual smart city spending guide, up to €20 billion was spent on them in Europe in 2018 — and that trend is expected to continue in the near […]

18 Apr

Digital Transformation in The European Education Sector

Jan Alexa   Research Manager, IDC Government Insights Read full bio The European Education sector is at the verge of transformation. Governments are increasingly willing to invest into the serious overhauls of educational systems, aware of the coming labor market transformation which will require fast-evolving skills set and the educational system which is able to […]

08 Aug

What is Sales Enablement? – Part 2: Analytics Enablement

Thomas Barrieau Director, Sales Enablement Practice Read full bio  @tbarrieau In my last post I laid out IDC’s original definition of sales enablement (i.e., “putting the right information into the hands of the right sales professional at the right time, in the right place, and in the right format to move a specific sales opportunity forward.”) and discussed some […]