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18 Apr

Digital Transformation in The European Education Sector

Jan Alexa   Research Manager, IDC Government Insights Read full bio The European Education sector is at the verge of transformation. Governments are increasingly willing to invest into the serious overhauls of educational systems, aware of the coming labor market transformation which will require fast-evolving skills set and the educational system which is able to […]

29 Mar

Insurance CX delivered with empathy critical amid turbulence: Takeaways from the ABI Conference

Sabitha Majukumar   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Financial Insights Read full bio The Association of British Insurers (ABI) Annual Conference 2019 was held in London on February 26, 2019. The event brought together industry leaders, politicians, and regulators to debate major issues affecting the U.K. insurance and long-term savings industry. As expected, the day was inundated with Brexit references […]

04 Feb

Technology Partnerships in Insurance to Accelerate Digital Transformation (DX) Journey

Sabitha Majukumar   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Financial Insights Read full bio Digital transformation in insurance is relatively nascent compared with some other industries. Most insurance organizations are in the early stages of DX maturity and technology service providers’ offerings and delivery models are still evolving.