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29 May

AI in Healthcare: Can it Make Doctors’ and Patients’ Lives Easier And Safer?

Giulia BesanaResearch Analyst, IDC Health InsightsRead full bio Artificial intelligence is the buzzword in the healthcare space. According to IDC’s European Vertical Markets Survey, 2018–2019, around 30% of healthcare providers in Europe have already invested in AI solutions or plan to do so in 2019. France and the Nordics are the biggest adopters of AI, […]

14 Jun

Understanding the value of healthcare convergence, enabling true digital transformation: IDC Health Insights launches three new research programs in European healthcare and life science

Silvia Piai Senior Research Manager, IDC Health Insights Read full bio  @SilviaPiai_idc The quest for delivering value to patients is at the heart of the tremendous amount of reform and innovation that health systems across Europe are experiencing. Value in health is defined by the quality of clinical outcomes, the patient experience and by the […]

21 May

The Final Countdown for Drug Traceability in Europe: Are You Ready?

Nino Giguashvili Senior Research Analyst Read full bio  @ngiguashvili  This next couple of years will be an incredibly busy time for drug manufacturers and wholesalers supplying pharmaceutical products to European markets. With the deadlines for meeting the EU’s new requirements for drug traceability and data exchange standards around the corner, European pharma companies need to […]

10 May

Cloud is Not the Ultimate Objective — Hospitals Will Only Adopt if it Makes Sense

        Jonas Knudsen Research Director, Health Insights Read full bio  @JonasHKnudsen I have had several conversations with hospital CIOs on cloud adoption in the past three months. I needed help in analyzing our IDC survey data on cloud in healthcare, as the data showed a very low adoption rate compared with the industry […]