31 Jan

The Changing Face of Manufacturing

Maggie Slowik   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio The manufacturing industry is changing faster than ever, with digital transformation (DX) underway at most manufacturers, and this is set to continue as organizations begin to feel the benefits that come with it. In the past, manufacturers have been focused on productivity improvements (how to achieve more […]

24 Jul

Wanted: A Digital Toolbox for Manufacturing

          Maggie Slowik Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio  @MaggieSlowik Today, discrete manufacturing might be undergoing the biggest transformation ever. Not only does the sector need to stay focused on traditional objectives, such as increasing uptime and throughput in the plant, and managing costs, but it must also […]

05 Jul

Business Ecosystem – Today’s Manufacturer; Tomorrow’s Platform Player

          Neel Mandal Research Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights Business ecosystems have started to play an increasingly major role for manufacturing. As people and things become connected, no manufacturer can successfully meet growing customer expectations on its own. Non-traditional players, often without any manufacturing legacy, are innovating service layers on top of […]