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04 Feb

Technology Partnerships in Insurance to Accelerate Digital Transformation (DX) Journey

Sabitha Majukumar   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Financial Insights Read full bio Digital transformation in insurance is relatively nascent compared with some other industries. Most insurance organizations are in the early stages of DX maturity and technology service providers’ offerings and delivery models are still evolving.

31 Jan

The Changing Face of Manufacturing

Maggie Slowik   Senior Research Analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights Read full bio The manufacturing industry is changing faster than ever, with digital transformation (DX) underway at most manufacturers, and this is set to continue as organizations begin to feel the benefits that come with it. In the past, manufacturers have been focused on productivity improvements (how to achieve more […]

22 Jan

Are you ready for Citizen Centricity by Design?

Chris Pennell    Research Director, IDC Government Insights Read full bio Citizens are consumers of public services, but their ability to act like consumers of private sector services is limited.  After all, there tends to be very little choice in the delivery of public services, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach or nothing.  However, with the adoption of modern technologies such […]

16 Jan

More Frogs on the Frying Pan for Europe: Technology and Innovation

Mark Yates     Research Manager,European Digital Transformation PracticeRead full bio Finding a crisis is Europe is almost as easy as meeting a protestor on the Champs Élysées when French labor laws are about to be changed. There are euro zone worries, migrant worries, fears of political destabilization, Brexit (and other member-state recalcitrance), a resurgent […]