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30 May

Activating the Virtuous Circle of Retail Innovation Excellence

Guilio RaffaeleSenior Research Analyst, IDC Retail InsightsRead full bio IDC strongly believes that retail innovation goes well beyond the implementation of new technology that substitutes or integrates to legacy IT systems. According to IDC, retailers should first point at the diffusion and consolidation of an innovation culture within their organizations.

16 Jan

More Frogs on the Frying Pan for Europe: Technology and Innovation

Mark Yates     Research Manager,European Digital Transformation PracticeRead full bio Finding a crisis is Europe is almost as easy as meeting a protestor on the Champs Élysées when French labor laws are about to be changed. There are euro zone worries, migrant worries, fears of political destabilization, Brexit (and other member-state recalcitrance), a resurgent […]

31 May

What will be Your Next Move on the Innovation Accelerators Chessboard?

Carla La Croce Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions Read full bio  @carla_lacroce                          Giulia Carosella Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions, IDC Read full bio  @GiuliaCarosella Thomas Vavra Associate Vice President, Software, CEMA Read full bio A Look into European Industries According to the most recent IDC […]