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30 May

Activating the Virtuous Circle of Retail Innovation Excellence

Guilio RaffaeleSenior Research Analyst, IDC Retail InsightsRead full bio IDC strongly believes that retail innovation goes well beyond the implementation of new technology that substitutes or integrates to legacy IT systems. According to IDC, retailers should first point at the diffusion and consolidation of an innovation culture within their organizations.

27 Mar

European AI Innovation Yields Global Winners

Philip CarnelleyAVP, European Software Group Read full bio  @Pcarnelley It’s widely believed that European businesses are not exploiting advanced technologies such as AI as effectively as US or Chinese companies. Well, it is true Europe hasn’t (yet) spawned global giants like Google or Baidu. But I think there’s a more nuanced truth to this. European […]

05 Feb

Key Takeaways from the launch of IDC’s Research Innovation Councils

Philip Carter  Chief Analyst, EuropeRead full bio @pcarter_pc Last month, IDC hosted a dinner to launch a new initiative – the European Research Innovation Councils. We have set up four councils as communities of business leaders, analysts and experts centered on AI, Security, Blockchain and Cloud with the goal to collaborate to lead change. The […]