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03 Jun

Can Adobe Emulate The Greatest Showman?

Gerry BrownCX Research DirectorRead full bio @gerrybrown David Duchovny, Jeff Goldblum and Kiefer Sutherland are all truly great screen actors. Not content with just being good actors, however, they will all perform as musicians with their bands in London in 2019. They all want to do something different (perform music), and be respected and appreciated […]

08 Mar

Embracing Change as a Technology Marketer … I Love Being a Woman in Tech!

Kanupriya EMEA Marketing Manager @Kanupriya_82 LinkedIn profile This blog is the fifth in a series about leadership, gender gap, diversity and work-life balance in the tech world. I am a digital marketer with nearly 15 years’ experience in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. Through all these years of my working life and training, I have […]

14 Dec

IT Buyer Survey Reveals How Tech Vendors Can Increase Revenues

        Gerry Brown CX Research Director Read full bio  @gerrybrown IDC’s annual IT Buyer Experience Survey (August 2018) turned up interesting results. 350 enterprise IT buyers in the US and Canada assessed IT vendors’ helpfulness in the buying process, especially vendor sales and marketing practices. The respondents authorized IT purchase values of […]