05 Nov

Eastern Bloc PC Industry Fell as Fast as the Wall

The Eastern bloc‘s attempts to rival the West in IT were doomed to failure and already collapsing before the Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago on November 9, 1989. Little was left of the hardware companies such as East Germany’s Robotron within a few years as Western PC imports flowed in, but the emphasis on […]

09 Aug

3 Ways AMD Has Disrupted the Mainstream Desktop PC Market

For around five years the PC market was bound by incremental increases in performance — a focus on flagship and high-end solutions with exaggerated prices when compared to performance. What was really pushing the market was the adoption of new features, supported by the latest generations, such as PCIe 3.0, NVMe, and DDR4. The lack […]

11 Jun

Computex 2019: The Future of the PC and the Implications for the Market

Kevin SolomonResearch Analyst Read full bio @k_solomon1 In recent years global PC market growth has been relatively dormant and Computex 2019 provided vendors with the opportunity to showcase their innovations in an attempt to resuscitate a tepid market. Anticipation for Computex 2019 was evident in the record number of attendees at the event — the […]