14 May

5G in the UK: Vodafone Won’t Get Left Behind This Time

This morning, Vodafone announced its commercial launch date for 5G services in the UK: July 3. In anticipation of the launch, Vodafone UK will start selling its first 5G smartphone next week, with further smartphone models to follow over the summer, as well as a 5G home router.  

24 Apr

Swisscom Among the First with Commercial 5G in Europe — But is the Real Story Here About 2G and 3G?

The Swiss operator Swisscom and Ericsson jointly announced that Swisscom’s commercial 5G network has gone live. The 5G service is available in 54 towns and cities in Switzerland, and Swisscom plans to cover 90% of the Swiss population with 5G by the end of 2019. Earlier in April another Swiss mobile operator, Sunrise, announced the […]

17 Apr

Huawei’s Drive and Ambition in Phones Push it Beyond the “Telco Gear Maker” Trap

Launching a mobile phone business from the starting point of a big international business in telecoms infrastructure has worked stunningly well for Huawei. Strong financial backing, operations in many countries, a detailed knowledge of mobile phone technology and numerous local country offices have all have been important to its success in launching smartphones.