08 Apr

Business Benefits Through Security Effectiveness

IDC hosted its annual U.K. security conference on March 28. A clear theme emerged during the keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, and informal interactions — the need for security to act as business leaders, not “just” technology leaders.  

29 Aug

Attitudes towards cloud security are changing: Key points to consider

  Carla Arend Senior Program Director European Software Read full bio  @carla_arend Security has been cited as the biggest obstacle to cloud adoption for as long as I can remember, and indeed in our latest European cloud survey, 42% of organizations mention security as their biggest concern regarding public cloud, followed by regulatory compliance issues. […]

25 May

GDPR 2.0: You Thought It Was All Over…

Duncan Brown Research Director, European Security Practice   What? You thought that GDPR was over by May 25th, and you never wanted to think about it again? Sorry folks, but we’ve just had the taster. Firstly, the bad news. GDPR is not a one-time project. Many organisations have approached GDPR like a crash diet. Move […]